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The Honerix infrastructure leverages plugin modules to mimic the behavior of different web applications, trying to push attackers into deploying their malicious payload. This page lists and describes available plugins; by clicking on the plugin name you are redirected to the results for that module.

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D-Link RCE on DIR-300 and DIR-600

D-Link unauthenticated command execution on DIR-300 and DIR-600 devices


Plugin ID: 2391bb809ecfe8898fe8d1ed8bb4cd02

Linksys "The Moon" Worm

The worm will connect first to port 8080, and if necessary using SSL, to request the "/HNAP1/" URL.

CVE: CVE-2002-2159 , CVE-2008-1247 , CVE-2008-1268 , CVE-2008-4594 , CVE-2009-3341 , CVE-2010-1573 , CVE-2010-2261 , CVE-2008-0228


Plugin ID: aochie7aj5voongocoghaeshoh0chaik

D-Link: Authenticated Arbitrary File Upload with Root Privileges

RCE on multiple D-Link camera models via file upload


Plugin ID: 455e1435bb5a480297aa5338213b467f