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The Honerix infrastructure leverages plugin modules to mimic the behavior of different web applications, trying to push attackers into deploying their malicious payload. This page lists and describes available plugins; by clicking on the plugin name you are redirected to the results for that module.

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Apache Axis2 Fingerprint

Apache axis2 fingerprint attempts.

Plugin ID: 62675fd9604c7736860a2bab16a6769c

Jenkins Fingerprint

Jenkins fingerprint attempts.

Plugin ID: 7feabdfab7e6a8bb339cad2fe9ebba5b

Drupal Fingerprint

Support Drupal scanning/fingerprinting attempts

Plugin ID: b5c69bf5dc216c6e622b6f962fdbdd8c

Joomla Fingerprint

Joomla fingerprint attempts.

Plugin ID: 4fec66840a3e6fcc470ff1d7db3c207f

WebDAV Fingerprint

WebDAV fingerprint attempts.

Plugin ID: 0d889f9b0eb36ae6dd5d60efbbe9666c

WordPress Fingerprint

Support WordPress scanning/fingerprinting attempts

Plugin ID: 206f3544727dee98d41ab351955e0a7b