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The Honerix infrastructure leverages plugin modules to mimic the behavior of different web applications, trying to push attackers into deploying their malicious payload. This page lists and describes available plugins; by clicking on the plugin name you are redirected to the results for that module.

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phpMyAdmin scanner

Detect phpMyAdmin scanning attempts


Plugin ID: 1a0271bb9ff236c3d3a42b4bcb0751f5

phpMyAdmin (/scripts/setup.php) PHP Code Injection Exploit

phpMyAdmin is prone to a remote PHP code-injection vulnerability on the page "setup.php".

CVE: CVE-2009-1151


Plugin ID: oosheefee1baixeinief5nociu5shohh

phpMyAdmin login

Handler for phpMyAdmin login bruteforcers

Plugin ID: 3d0db7afa2fc1af89c6b65bc3a1f7f07